Whether you agree or disagree with Malcolm over at Malcolm’s Corner, he always makes you think deeply from a heart of warmth, goodness and simplicity. This post particularly resonated with me because of the profound spiritual malaise that affects our society rooted in the dysfunction that Malcolm diagnoses correctly in my opinion. Christ spoke of it in the words, “Where your heart is, there your treasure will be also.” We have a society with its heart in the wrong place. Thanks for the insight Malcolm.

Malcolm's Corner

Henry David Thoreau

Because life is simpler in the wilderness, most people learn quickly that taking too much gear with them on, say, a backpacking trip, is dysfunctional and potentially life threatening. With diligent planning the solutions are usually obvious. For example, if you are feeling cold in the wilderness you can put on every single piece of clothing you brought with you. If you are still cold you can eat. If you are still cold you can make camp and get in your sleeping bag. Unfortunately, because civilization does not have such fast feedback loops it allows us to continue with dysfunctional behavior far longer than in the wilderness. While the consequences of such behavior are not so immediate they can be just as life threatening.

As a financial planner I have seen many clients struggling to support large expensive McMansions and lifestyles to match, and suffering from a range of stress related illnesses…

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