So what’s a “teacher-preneur?”

This morning my algebra students, with their usual maniacal enthusiasm, sat enraptured as I manipulated graphs of lines using a graphing calculator app on my Macbook projected onto a pull-down screen. Truly a cut above the old days when I used transparencies, a marker and an overhead projector to accomplish the same thing with about the same level of interest from the class. True, the presentation is easier for me now. I just type in the equation, hit the return key and the linear equations work their enchantment. But to some degree the result is still-born because , of course, whether done the new way or the old way the kids are still doing the same thing – taking notes. So at the end of the day in the monastic silence of my empty classroom I meditate on the “what could be” if only I had a classroom set of laptops so that each student could play with the equations themselves and experiment with slopes and intercepts, inequalities and quadratics. Nothing $35,000 can’t fix.

Now I can go ask my principal for a classroom set of laptops and have her look at me as if I’d just asked her to buy me a Bentley. Or I can work with a grant committee to write grant proposals so that my classroom gets the laptops. Great deal if you can get it. Or I can buy them myself and write them off as a charitable contribution to the school (as long as the school is not a for-profit institution) with the stipulation that they will be used in my classroom. At this point I’m reminded of Steve Martin’s old bit from the seventies,

You can be a millionaire and not pay taxes. You may ask,’Steve, how can I be a millionaire and not pay taxes?’ First, get a million dollars…

So back to that $35,000.

One solution is for me to generate the necessary income by developing a business that will, in time, create the revenue stream to fund such classroom needs as well as diversifying my income. Wait. Is that supposed to be easier than writing grants or braving the justifiably icy stare of my principal? Not at all. But the idea is worth considering. One company right now is being launched for the express purpose of generating enough profits to fund large scale charitable projects in southeast Asia revolving around rescuing orphans and providing them with shelter, education, healthcare, safety and love. Why couldn’t I do the same thing on a much smaller scale with regard to funding classroom instruction? In fact, I am. This blog is part of that project. I am a “teacher-preneur.”

I am offering an invitation to join me in a brand new enterprise. Stretch your imagination and open yourself to possibilities you had’t before considered. Maybe you’ll become a “teacher-preneur.”

The “Economics A-Z” dictionary at defines an entrepreneur as,”Somebody who has the idea and enterprise to mix together the other factors of production to produce something valuable.” I would simply add,”to help kids.”

Already a teacher-preneur?

Do you already have a blog or business? Experiencing success? Contact me. One of the purposes of this blog is to share your story and inspire other educators to try new ventures. I look forward to hearing from you ( The contact link is at the bottom of the page ).

Watch this excellent video on the concept of “collaborative consumption” and “reputation capital.” Talking about game changers! We’re living through the equivalent of the industrial revolution.


2 Comments on “So what’s a “teacher-preneur?””

  1. Robert-preneur October 10, 2012 at 9:12 AM #

    Thank you iGameMom!

  2. Robert-preneur October 11, 2012 at 4:51 AM #

    Thank you Mrs. Lori P!

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