Accidental Niche, Big Money

April Winchell, proprietor of the website Regr...

April Winchell, proprietor of the website Regretsy, with her regretsy book, at ROFLCon II (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Ever heard of Etsy? Great website for selling your hand crafted goods. Ever heard of Regretsy? Great website for selling your handy crafts that no one would buy on Etsy. You wouldn’t think a website selling rejected homemade stuff would get any more attention than the garage sale down the street on your neighbors weed infested lawn. But within the first four days of its launch in 2009 the site got 96 million hits after it was quickly featured on some other popular websites.

The funny thing is, April Winchell started Regretsy as a joke. She and a friend would mail each other awful stuff they had found on Etsy. On one occasion the gift she received was delivered from South Africa with a host of delivery problems. After complaining to her friend about it he replied,”I’m sorry it was such an ordeal. You have my regretsy” (You can read the whole April Winchell interview in Blog Inc. by Joy
Deangdeelert Cho
, Meg Mateo Ilasco and Grace Bonney) and a success story was born.

April, a voiceover actress, is known for a wicked sense of sarcasm. Her love for the wierd and quirky combined with a gift for humor was a formula for plugging into a big niche of people who love to poke fun at funky products. Lest anyone think such a website must be done in a spirit of cruelty, April has used the website as a forum to raise over $230,000 for charity since 2009. It’s all in fun and people often volunteer their creations for sale on Regretsy. Who else would buy this stuff?

Here’s a dead whale of a coffee table for sale. Read the comments. Some of them are hysterical. Warning: Some content on the site is definitely adult material.

Trivia question: April Winchell is the daughter of what 50s and 60s voice actor and ventriloquist?

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