The Quadruple Bypass Burger! or why I changed my tag line

Supersize Me !! -- The bypass burger strikes a...

Supersize Me !! — The bypass burger strikes again! … Heart Attack Grill — 23 April 2012 (Las Vegas) .. (Photo credit: marsmet491)

I don’t remember which food/travel show I was watching but I remember seeing something that struck me as hilarious, outrageous, disturbing, and shamefully tempting all at the same time. There was a waitress in a nurse’s outfit serving a burger large enough to feed a small country with the refreshingly honest appellation “The Quadruple Bypass Burger!” Welcome to the Heart Attack Grill in Las Vegas where successfully downing this eight thousand calorie, meat lovers behemoth gets you a wheel chair ride out to your car (The burger pictured is ONLY the triple bypass). So what does this have to do with my tag line? I hadn’t been to Vegas in a number of years and after gawking at the ridiculously large burgers at this tourist stop I put the quadruple bypass burger on my bucket list, although I’ll wait until I get fairly close to the bucket. Then recently I watched a great keynote address by Jeremy Gutsche at Trend Hunters in which he used the Heart Attack Grill as an example of a simple, direct, authentic message that has the capacity to go viral. Of course, how much more authentic can you get then a sign on your restaurant that warns customers that the food your serving is bad for their health? There’s some honesty I can admire.

So the proverbial light bulb went on with such energy that it exploded in a cascade of sparks and glittering shards of glass. I realized I needed to change my tag line. Gutsche laid down a couple of critically important rules of marketing. First, you should be able to state what you’re about in seven words or less. But more importantly he states,”Relentlessly obsess about your story.”  In other words, for my purposes, stay on message with a simple, easily remembered tag line that encapsulates what Teacher-preneur is all about. Then keep drilling that message home.

My previous tag line read,”Be a creator of dreams fulfilled for you and for your students.” It was slightly poetic, looking off in the distance to a bright future if not actually a clearly defined one. But what does it mean? How are we creators of “dreams fulfilled?” Well, really what I meant was to make enough money as a teacher that you can help others materially as well as pedagogically. Boiled down the message is “Make money. Help others. It’s that simple.” That’s my new tag line and my message. Now everything I do through this blog, my Facebook page and Twitter will be to advance the message or help people to get to know me as the person behind the message.

This all may seem somewhat obvious but there’s an art to it. But that is for a future post.

See Jeremy Gutsche’s excellent keynote on marketing and innovation – The title moves the message!

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