Autumn Colors Upon My Skin

Autumn leaf color

Autumn leaf color (Photo credit: INABA Tomoaki)

Color was her life. Her Tumblr was saturated with a harmony of shades and hues orchestrated with perfect placement and proportion. Interior design was an expression of her passion for making living space a reflection of the spiritual, emotional interior of the person.  But it was her WordPress blog in which Designer lady could express her deepest thoughts about her passion for color.  Words like “a chintz radiating a kolaidoscope of shimmering bright ube, cerulean and harvest crimson” splashed across the pages of her blog three times a week.

This late October morning she perused the freshly pressed posts on WordPress, sipping her herbal tea in a Starbucks design it yourself, black mug with white swirls and symetrical doodles. One post caught her eye Because of it’s title Autumn Colors Upon My Skin. The blog header read The colors I feel atop a simple “Forever” theme. Designer lady clicked on the image and intrigued, began to read the haiku at the beginning of the post:

Cool blue wind, autumn sky

warm earth red and red sun

scent of wet once green

The post was a sensual word palette of colors expressed as tactile as pinpricks and satin. Autumn became the chill in the wind, the coarse bark of the sugar maple, and the smell of spiced apple cider all described as vivid colors in a way she had never done. Glancing over at the username, AJshining, his about me simply said,”A writer, sometimes musician and lover of the worlds colors.” Excited by a connection she felt to AJshining she liked his post then clicked on his Facebook link. There on the timeline was the haiku juxtaposed  to a video which she clicked in hopes of a poetry reading by a romantic, spiritual Blake or a preview of a new book by the next Steinbeck.

Her jaw dropped as the video began with Ajshining announcing,”For Kevin, Stacy and Dan in Portland – Margaritaville!” It wasn’t the fact that AJ was a 32 year old guitar playing Jimmy Buffet fan that shocked her. The colors! He was wearing a garish Hawaiian shirt with colors that  looked like a tropical bird had slammed into a windshield. And the decor! The room in which he was strumming and singing had no visible rhyme or reason to its color scheme – a royal blue sofa with a Jamaican flag pillow and another that looked like it had been crocheted from 15 different sweators; walls a god-awful shade of green; and Budweiser curtains! It was like she had been pepper sprayed in the eyes. The elements that she was witnessing just wouldn’t compute.

“Nibblin on sponge cake”

Cold blue wind, autumn sky


“Watchin the sun bake”

warm earth red, and red sun


All the romance drained from her body as she stopped the video, AJ freezing in a pursed lip expression under his Ray-Bans and gray fedora. She closed the Facebook page and reread the haiku with less emotion now. How could someone with such bad taste write so beautifully about her passion?

Her eyes drifted down the blog page and rested on AJ’s Twitter link. A few tweets were posted. One read,”I know TEllis. Like you I can’t see a thing but I feel everything and miss nothing.” She quickly linked back to the Facebook page and watched AJ sing under his Ray-Bans. She clicked back to the blog.

Designer lady sat statuesque for a moment staring at the screen. She leaned back, put her Starbucks cup to her lips then put it back down without sipping. She clicked on comments and began to type,”Hi AJ,when you play Margaritaville in your living room what colors do you feel?…


3 Comments on “Autumn Colors Upon My Skin”

  1. Purnimodo October 19, 2012 at 12:31 AM #

    Och I love this. My English is probably not good enough to understand everything but maybe there’s a challenge. Definitely some new words! Gorgeous title.

    • Robert-preneur October 19, 2012 at 1:41 AM #

      Thank you for your kind words. And don’t worry. Those of us who are native English speakers often get by with and Don’t tell. 🙂


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