Absurdly Anachronistic Tweets From A Parallel Universes

T.G.I. Friday's

T.G.I. Friday’s (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

From time to time, either from a tear in the fabric of space-time or a “glitch in the matrix,” I get strange Tweets that appear to come from a universe not our own. Here are a few examples:

Toorich4U @ Louis Aguste de France

Marie and I finally saw Les Mis. It pissed us off.

MegalomaniacsAnonymous @ PuYi

We welcome our newest members Chris Matthews, Bill O’Reilly, Bill Maher and Vlad the Impaler.

Iloveponies.org @ GhengisK

Just developed my new line of Magic Rainbow Pony Army play sets!

Caesarsucks @ DLucius

Got an extra ticket to the Circus. Gaius’ wife won’t let him go anymore. He’s losing too many denarii. Tweet me.

Uberman @ AdolfH

I love Tony Robbins!

Seeingbeyond @ GalileoG

Gonna be on Ellen next Tuesday! Oprah the week after! The Pope wants an autographed copy of my book!

Startravellers @ ChrisColumbus

We landed on Mars! The people there are darker than us. Don’t wear much. Live on an earthlike island. Check my blog.

cleorealitytv @ Cleopatra

Rumor is that next week I’m gonna dump Julius and there’s going to be this big confrontation between he and Marc…Maaaaybe.

 Thespindoctor @ JGoebbels

See Adolf’s first Political Meet Up at TGI Fridays on You Tube! (Adolf goes Gangnam style. Hilarious).

St. Sebastian.org @ Fathermike

Norseman broke into the sacristy again. This time they stole 2 cases of wine. Tweet if u think they’re out of control.

Thekingswife @ KatherineParr

I’ve got Henry on Nutri-system. He’s doing great! Check out his new look at Pinterest.

SamuraiInvestors @ Tokugawa

Just bought out KKahn Real Estate Enterprises.  Our Divine Wind investment strategies (and a lot of blondes) put us over the top.

GoDixie! @ RLee

Picketts charge went off today with “Sweet Home Alabama” blaring from stacks of speakers. Freaked out the Yanks and they ran!

FranceForever @ NapoleonB

Randy Newman is in the Bastille. Now he knows what a “Little Criminal” is.

If you’ve gotten any strange Tweets such as these please share.

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