A Reluctant Tweeter Am I

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There is an absurdity to Twitter that I tried to reflect in my last post, successfully or not. What would Tweets of people past look like with a dash of alternate realities thrown in? How would they use this social media platform? Promotion? Playing to the fans? Personal expression? Nothing of real importance I presume. It is challenging enough to try and convey your point in a blog post as it is challenging to write a good short story. But saying something significant in 140 characters when building your personal brand amounts to little more than “Hey! Look at me!” Now it can be argued that part of marketing is a continuous stream of “Hey! Look at me!” In fact, when I go to my Twitter page that’s precisely what I see. The stream of Tweets pouring down the page with the Gravatars smiling at me or displaying some cryptic symbolism are a blur of tiny urls and “Hey! Look at me!” competing for my attention. Frankly out of the couple of hundred Tweets that have now faded into the Twitter netherworld in my Twitter universe I’ve probably only clicked on two links. I don’t like going to Twitter. Yet I’m dutifully posting to Twitter because that’s part of building a community around your personal brand.

Okay I get it. If I’m Apple I can Tweet out to the faithful a preview of the next iteration of the iWhatever before everyone else gets the info thus creating a sense of being on the inside (just for the record I use a Macbook Pro). Exclusiveness is fun. If I’m the Dodgers, star players Tweet out to the fans what they’re having for dinner or a quick thought on tonights game. That creates the illusion of a more personal connection with the players on the team. Really what is marketing all about if not about illusion? That doesn’t mean deception. Good marketing creates the illusion of a personal connection to a brand. That can be a very powerful illusion as evidenced by people, for example, who are fiercely loyal to Budweiser even though they know other beers taste better. Got a Harley tattoo? Or maybe you’re a twentysomething who goes to Carl’s Jr. because of the hot chics who actually are nowhere near the Carl’s Jr. But if you’re eating their burgers you’re somehow connected to those hot chics on the commercials. Maybe in this case it’s delusion instead of illusion.

So now I have 6 followers on Twitter. I’m making a connection. I’m taking my first baby steps toward building a personal brand named the “Teacher-preneur.” But it leaves me feeling hollow compared to the community of bloggers of which I’m becoming a part. I actually go to the links of the blogs I’m following. I feel some connection to the people behind the blogs. I certainly mean no disrespect to those in the Twitter community. It’s the medium, not the users. I’m just mystified by Twitter at the same time as I see its logic as an information pipeline for established brands. But I guess I’m an anomaly. I’m more likely to click on links through Facebook than I am through Twitter. But research says that for most everyone else the opposite is true. Links on Twitter get 5 to 6 times more clicks than embedded links on Facebook. Oh well.

I suppose at some point I should discuss the marketing strategies revolving around Twitter. It’s better to Tweet on weekends if you want more exposure. Blah blah blah. It’s so much more fun to talk about the philosophy of social media, isn’t it? If you want to know more about how to use Twitter for marketing I can give you a link which is part of my marketing affiliate program. Bah! Shameless self promotion soiling this sacred ground!

And don’t forget to follow me on Twitter. 🙂

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