It’s Shop With Meaning Week!

Today is the day after Cyber Monday. Did I buy a new computer or digital something or other? No way! I bought a nice leather bracelet from Jonathan and Quinn’s Life Out Of The Box. They just opened their online store and the first products, LOOTB bracelets, are ready for shipping. The purchase will help a poor child in need of educational supplies. It’s Shop with meaning week!

I also purchased some excellent wines from Cellar Thief. The great thing about Cellar Thief is that for every bottle of wine purchased they donate 100 days worth of clean water to people who have little or no access. You can read about Cellar Thief here

2007 Gary’s Vineyard Syrah – Will go great with lasagna.

As I type this I’m munching on a cherry and cashew Kutoa bar. For every Kutoa bar you buy the company gives a nutrition pack to a needy child. The bars are only about 2 x 4 in. but after I eat one I feel completely satisfied. I think I found an aid to dropping some weight! You can check them out at

How often do we get to feed someone else while eating well?

The wine and Kutoa bars I found through

Another site with a way to give while you shop is WorldWix. For any product you buy from companies like Reebok or Jelly Belly, you specify the charity you want the stated percentage of the sale to go to. For example, Reebok will give 7% of a purchase to the charity of your choice.

Now don’t I just feel wonderful? Of course! And so can you. I’ll feel even better when the wine arrives.

Do you have any socially responsible online stores that you frequent? Please leave a comment telling us about them. The more we know about, the more we can help others.


2 Comments on “It’s Shop With Meaning Week!”

  1. Purnimodo December 4, 2012 at 6:11 AM #

    I have never shopped online (it scares me.. yes, yes.. I’m such a wimp 😉 ) but I love to hang around town and look for fair produced trinkets.. and chocolate.

    Local products and products with a story always have much more charm. Nothing bad with buying yourself a little do-good to feel-good 😉

  2. Robert-preneur December 4, 2012 at 8:29 PM #

    Fair trade chocolate! That’s a double dose of feel good!

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