Embracing Thorns

Greater love has no one than this, than to lay down one’s life for one’s friends. fear is for Conquering darkness for Light; they stand to look us in the eyes and lead us toward Eden Over and over the scene is replayed; the flowers are crushed the pedals torn, but the roots buried deep […]

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Love: The Most Powerful Force In Existence For Changing A Kid’s Life

In my ten years teaching at a continuation high school, I have been to two funerals for students who died tragically. One was a gang related shooting. The other was a pool drowning at a party filled with teenagers to drunk to notice. Our school has also had a number of students survive shootings off […]

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So Many Fantastic Blogs, So Little Time: Blog Of The Year

Thank you iamforchange for this gift of appreciation. Please visit his blog for wonderful, sensitive poetry that comes from a big heart. I reciprocate with a nomination for iamforchange.  My life has been enriched by the talents of so many gifted bloggers who form a fantastic community of art, literature, spirituality and wisdom from many vocations and […]

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The Value of a Notebook

Reblogged from Life out of the Box The Value of a Notebook. Jonathon and Quinn talk about the creativity unleashed in a child’s life by a simple notebook. This reblog is a follow up to Kazmisahib’s powerful, moving photo. We can make a difference in the lives of children all over the world.

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Street Flowers of Karachi.

Reblogged from Tales of Streets in Karachi. Visit Kazmisahib’s blog. He is a very talented photo journalist. Thank you Kazmisahib for providing this powerful image. Street Flowers of Karachi.. When I see images like this homeless, little girl, it drives home the desperate need for the creation and support of social ventures. The photo says all […]

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Emails To Santa: RE: Marketing

From: Robert To: Santa Date: November 30, 2012 Subject: RE: Ad campaigns I have to agree with Mrs. Claus on this. One word – “overexposure.” She’s right. I’m going to be brutally honest Santa. People are getting sick of seeing you. You’ve become a kind of background noise to the holiday season. The magic was […]

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The stars so out of reach, just dreams in restless sleep, Each a face of longing, the bright eyes of children small and frail behind the darkest clouds and mists of night, Give me wings to soar past the shadows of dark intent where souls ensconced in chains no longer dream, Give me wings to […]

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Originally posted on lindy's blog:
The four-letter word I’m referring to is…… LOVE! (Did you think I meant the other one?) What does ‘love’ mean to you and why is it important in entrepreneurship? Last weekend I attended ‘Rock Your (Green) Business’, a 3-day business school for green entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs. If I…

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